Nashik Taxi Service

At Divya Cabs we offer Mumbai to Nashik Taxi Service at a very cost-effective price. Nashik is an ancient situated in Northwestern region of Maharashtra. Nashik is located near the banks of river Godavari, this city is well known for being a Hindu pilgrimage sites. The famous Kumbh Mela is held every 12 years in Nashik. We offer Mumbai to Nashik Taxi Service at an economic price.

After Mumbai & Pune, Nashik is said to be the 3rd most important city of Maharashtra. Nashik is situated in the northern part of Maharashtra state at 700 m above from the mean sea level which contributes it perfect temperature variation, mostly in the winter season. The river Godavari originates from the Brahmagiri Foothill, Trimbakeshwar which is approximately 24 km from Nashik and flows across the old residential settlement, which now comprises the central part of the city. The river was exploited at an alarming rate because of the large number of factories setup in Central Nashik. But it has been cleaned successfully. Apart from Godavari, other rivers like Bhima, river Vaitarana,  Girana, Kashyapi and Darana flow through Nashik. The Deccan Plateau forms the western edge of the Nashik City. Anjaneri located near Nashik is also the birthplace of Lord Hanuman.

Nashik’s tropical location and high elevation combine to give it a relatively moderate kind of a tropical wet and dry climate. Slight increase in temperature is witnessed in the month of October, but this is followed by a cold weather from the month of November to February. With extreme dry weather the temperature varies from 27 °C during the day to 10 °C in the night.

Nashik also has a Nashik Court which is built during the british rule with black stone. The new court building was inaugurated on 18th of September 2003 in which there are a record 73 Court including the Taluka Court. A lot of other important places are located in Nashik it is quiet impossible to merge all of them in to a single article.

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  • Saptashrungi
  • Trimbakeshwar
  • Kalaram Temple
  • Anjneri Hill
  • Pandavleni
  • Sita Gumpha
  • Vallonne Vineyards
  • Jain Mandir Nashik
  • Someshwar Temple